Kayla Symone is a Houston, Texas based hairstylist who specializes in healthy hair care and detailed haircuts.  She was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Kayla started her cosmetology journey in 2007 as an apprentice and received her Master Cosmetology license in 2010.  In 2015, she opened her first hair salon, 90210 Boutique and Hair Salon located in Mobile, Alabama.  Kayla is known in the industry for her silky blowouts and detailed, custom cuts on mostly natural hair. She is also an educator, who offers in-person and virtual classes teaching to other cosmetologists worldwide.  Kayla will continue her journey.  Her passion is to motivate all to live their fullest potential and relentlessly chase their dreams.

To book Kayla for speaking engagements or group classes, please contact  kayla@dahairwiz.com.
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